Common Core is Just Another Word For Central Planning and Tom Udall Loves Those Two Words

 Posted:  August 15, 2014

The linked article below tells you all you know about who is behind Common Core.

Behind Common Core are a huge number of corporate American companies who want schools to prepare workers for their machines, that is, if they haven’t moved overseas.

Don’t get us wrong here – we like profit, we like business, we like learning, we like capitalism. What we hate is central planning, crony capitalism, socialism, the police state and the nanny state.

Education is, and always has been, a Constitutionally local affair. People want to have a say about who teaches their kids and what they learn and they don’t want the Federal government to muck around on their school grounds.

Recent failures in Central Educational Planning including No Child Left Behind given to you by big government Democrats and Republicans and Tom Udall, of course.

Tom Udall is going to be in a predicament, however. Teacher’s unions are moving against Common Core for their own reasons.

What is Tom Udall, 100% supporter of Teacher Unions, going to do?

He will change his principles, of course, just like he always does.

Full article here >>>.

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