Communism is the “in” Thing Now

 Posted:  October 21, 2014

Some of us who are older remember the Communist scare in the U.S. when Joseph McCarthy pursued Communists in our government. It turns out that he was correct in his assessment of the fact that Communists had infiltrated the highest levels of U.S. politics. He erred in not being politically correct and chasing down the enemy a bit too harshly.

The infiltration of Communists and Communistic ideology in our Congress and White House has continued to this day.

The linked article below shows that, in 2014, the U.S. Communist Party rallying in support of the Democratic Party. If this isn’t a yellow light, we don’t know what is?

Students, immigrant rights groups, organizers from Ferguson, young union members are hitting the pavement to agitate for all progressive candidates in this upcoming election.

In case you haven’t studied some of Tom Udall’s roots, he is a progressive and always has been. His constituency is the same people you are seeing in the streets right now, agitating for the Communists idea that all people need to come under control of the ruling class, and that class will re-distribute money to themselves first, their friends second, and you third.

If you like this idea you will probably vote for Tom Udall. If it scares you a little, and it should, your best bet is to stay home if you can’t vote for his opponent.

Communism sounds “chic” but we like good old fashioned individuality here at

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