Concealed Carry Purses in New Mexico

 Posted:  August 17, 2014

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the news, there has been a great increase of concealed carry permits in New Mexico. There are a lot more citizens who look at the news and have decided that they are not going to be caught as victims in these times when teens play knockout games, riots can erupt in an instant, and home invasions are not uncommon.

concealed_carry_pursesWhat is fascinating about this gun show booth is that women have jumped on board.

Who would have thought a concealed carry purse would make a business?

Women can add up the numbers better than anyone else.

They know that protecting themselves is their responsibility and no one else’s. Women in New Mexico aren’t going to wait around for 911 to dispatch a car.

What is odd is that they vote for Tom Udall who wants to take away their guns and their right to protect themselves. Tom Udall might say he is for women but it sure doesn’t appear that way to us.

A woman with a pistol in her purse is ready for any emergency.

She doesn’t need to ask Tom Udall’s permission to keep a bad situation from getting worse.

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