Congressional Disapproval Numbers in the Tank

 Posted:  October 26, 2014

Some of the latest numbers show that Americans are not only not happy with Congress, but that they are really not happy with Congress.

These latest numbers show that 82.2% of people polled have a NEGATIVE opinion of Congress and that means they probably even like lawyers more than Congress. The fact that most of Congress is lawyers is also rather distressing because we have a whole bunch of negatives in the same barrel, and the bottom seems limitless.

What exactly does it take for you to admit that in order for Congress to have this rating, all the members of Congress have to be doing something wrong?

What exactly does it take to convince you that Tom Udall is part of the problem in Congress and no where near part of the solution?

At what point do you just say “no” to the incumbents and strike out for someone new?

It seems New Mexicans might have to let Congressional approval ratings hit 0% before they wake up to the idea that their good ole boy or good ole girl just don’t got it anymore.

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