Congressional Hypocrisy hits New Mexico’s Congressional Delegation

 Posted:  June 11, 2014

You see calls for increasing the minimum wage everywhere, but mostly in the political ads and political blogs of Democrats. All of New Mexico’s Congressional delegation are Democrats, except for Steve Pearce who is a moderate though many like to call him a radical right wing nut job.

Martin Heinrich recently introduced a bill to raise the minimum wage and took lots of bows on the stage for it. They were premature bows.

The Employment Policies Institute, as reported by the New Mexico Watchdog website (second link below) last week, released a report that called out members of Congress, including Martin Heinrich, for not paying their interns for work done in their offices despite the fact they get multi-million dollar taxpayer budgets for their offices.

No member of the New Mexico Congressional delegation pays their interns though Tom Udall does give a small housing allowance.

Instead of trying to hit home runs, why don’t those clamoring for minimum wage hikes take care of their own bills?

The linked article from the Albuquerque Journal does little to inspire respect for anyone in Congress. It does a lot to inspire us to vote them all out of office.

When I make a call to my Congress Person’s Office I will be nice to the lads and lasses who work there, at their own expense, to help politicians who are looking after their own best interests.

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