Could Ebola Just be a U.S. Government Research Project Gone Awry?

 Posted:  October 19, 2014

In the old days, we had questions about the U.S. government. We know the CIA has had their dirty hands in Dictatorships all over the world, have fomented revolutions in Central and South America. We know the U.S. government has been involved in doing medical research on live subjects and still is. On the basis of facts, we have entertained the possibility that Ebola is a result of U.S. mistakes.

A Doctor in Liberia has recently claimed that the Ebola epidemic is a result of the U.S. government doing Ebola research on live humans in West Africa. He states that a Canadian firm was granted a contract for millions to test Ebola in the ground zero area where the outbreak has started.

Shades of Nazi Germany and Tuskegee just keep coming back to haunt us.

The linked article below makes a simple statement.

The U.S. government does all kinds of things they don’t talk about. Why do we have classified top secret documents in this country that are privy to only a few? We have stockpiles of all kinds of bio and chemical weapons that could wipe out mankind easily. We have a government intent on control, meddling, surveillance, and power.

Does the idea that the U.S. government would never do anything unethical really fit inside your brain without making you squirm?

They have done it before; so why is this hypothesis far fetched?

Full article here >>>.

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