Could Tom Udall Reform NPR Before the Constitution?

 Posted:  September 12, 2014

NPR is a public broadcasting company that gets taxpayer money to present its hugely progressive liberal views on the unsuspecting public. NPR, like many other main stream media groups, has no trouble taking tax dollars from Uncle Sam, and less problem condemning and demeaning citizens who disagree with traditional American values, fiscal conservatism, and capitalism. NPR, in fact, is in bed with the collectivist groupies who want wealth redistribution for all from those who work to those who don’t.

NPR us a perfect choice for Tom Udall, as the linked articles point out.

The real question is this: Why is it okay for Tom Udall to promote using taxpayer funds for his liberal based propaganda outlets, but not okay for other Americans to use their OWN money to support media outlets and organizations that promote their ideas and goals?

The only answer is that Tom Udall likes media that tells him what he want to hear and hates media that tells him what he doesn’t like to hear.

Tom Udall has no scruples spending other people’s money for talk that they don’t agree with and also has no qualms about taking away other people’s rights to spend their own money on talk he doesn’t agree with.

Why would you vote for him?

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