Democrats Against U.N. Agenda 21

 Posted:  June 14, 2014

Yes, Virginia, there is United Nations. It is this really tall building in Manhattan, New York. Unelected, appointed elites from all countries around the world report to work each morning. Their main job is to extort money from rich countries, make big deals, and concoct plans whereby they tell you what to do in Des Moines, Iowa or Las Cruces, New Mexico.

There is this middle aged, long haired hippie on the 50th floor who listens to Classic Rock and draws up plans telling you how often you can water your lawn, what you can grow in your home garden, what chemicals or soil enhancers you can or can’t use. He looks out the window sometimes and makes sure the sky is crystal blue and looks down at the riff raff on the streets below who have to use carbon fuels to get to work so they can pay for the tall tall U.N. building.

This article, linked below, is interesting because one has not been aware that Democrats are aware of Agenda 21. In fact, most people think it is just a fantasy that crazy conspiracy clowns believe. In fact, Las Cruces has a sustainability plan. Truth or Consequences has a plan. You know Albuquerque and Santa Fe have a plan.

You know Tom Udall has a well worn copy in the glove compartment of his personal automobile. He refers to it all the time when he is deciding which plot of New Mexico land to take into the Federal government’s control, which power plan to close, which private property to condemn.

Democrats should be against Agenda 21. Power should move from the bottom up, not the top down.

It would have been more fitting if, on 9/11, the planes had hit the U.N. building. Now, that would have really resulted in progress.

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