Democrats Are Becoming More Liberal; Conservatives, After a Date With Liberalism, Have Decided to Return to Their Roots

 Posted:  June 17, 2014

This recent finding by Pew Research (see link below) offers some insight into what many who follow politics already know. Pew tracked American’s beliefs on political issues for the past twenty years and found some interesting facts. When Nancy Pelosi or Tom Udall cry about the obstruction of the Republicans, they are missing the point.

The biggest finding of this research shows that liberals have moved further to the left and have purged anyone who might have a moderate bone in their body. Liberals have embraced gay marriage and abortion on demand as nearly 100% acceptable in their party. The Democrats don’t have a big tent. They have let everyone into their party, but you better believe the party line without question or you won’t get good committee assignments, you won’t get campaign cash, and you won’t get to talk to the press.

The Republicans, from 1994-2004, veered strongly to the left. During George W. Bush’s terms in office the Democrats and Republicans often overlapped in their voting habits and ideas about government.

Now, it is the Republicans who are returning to their roots. No longer do conservative minded voters want to be voting for a far left Democratic Party who in no way represents them.

So, when media and politicians (Harry Reid, Tom Udall, etc.) attack the far right fringe of the Republican Party one can understand their torment.

The simple question one might ask from all this is: When is the Democratic Party going to move to the center. The right is tired of crossing the middle to play the left game on the left’s home court.

When is Tom Udall going to leave his blue tower and actually create a bill that someone on the other side of his ideology might want to consider?

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