Democrats Udall and Bingaman are the Top Travelers in New Mexico’s Delegation l

 Posted:  March 25, 2014

Tom Udall enjoys the perks of his office. A significant number of trips have been to the Aspen Institute which talks about pressing issues of the world in luxurious surroundings where you can have refreshments out on the deck, watch the sun go down, and solve environmental problems that most people think are the province of Mother Nature. One doesn’t want to begrudge these fact finding tours but one does want to admit that being a Congressman is not always the overwhelming job politicians claim it is. Going on safaris is a fun thing but wondering what the purpose of the safari is, besides just being taxpayer funded pleasure trip, is a real question?

Perhaps Tom could discuss some of the things he learned at the Aspen Institute, how much it will cost to implement strategies, and how much you have to restrict the freedoms of private landowners to implement these strategies? One thing is sure – if you make ALL the American land in the West a wilderness, and control use and resources, you do take us ALL back to more nature than most people really want.

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