Do You Love Freedom?

 Posted:  August 27, 2014

The linked article below contains a lengthy video that speaks to the development of the police state in America, the loss of individual freedoms, the sheepization of the American people, and what you can do to change these trends.

The speaker is a criminal defense lawyer and deals with crime, the law, and police every day. He is in a position to speak with authority and he does.

At we have plenty of info on this topic. If you go to the battleground issues section you will see an entire category devoted to the issue, If you hit the search buttons, two of them, you will be taken to articles, videos, postings on the police state.

This issue transcends parties because both parties are propping up the police state and taking money to benefit their campaigns.

Tom Udall has dirty hands too. No surprise to anyone who takes time to research and read and think.

Full article here >>>.

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