Do You Really Think Tom Udall Cares About Your Social Security?

 Posted:  October 8, 2014

Lots of Seniors depend on Social Security as their only source of income. Social Security is almost a “gold standard” of retirement planning.

Politicians like Tom Udall know this. He knows that there is a Social Security debacle coming. He knows that the system has to be reformed in order to survive and pay you benefits that you paid into through your job. He knows that a little more than fifteen years from now the Trust Fund will be to a point where payroll tax revenues will only cover 75% of those who are eligible for the Social Security benefits.

Tom Udall knows all this but votes to make NO changes to Social Security. Tom Udall tries to protect you by keeping your head in the sand and telling you that the big bad Republicans are going to take away your benefits.

If you vote for Tom, you are going to lose more benefits than the Republicans can ever take through their attempts to put one of the two largest government spending programs on a better path.

Instead of taking Tom Udall at his word and figuring you can get everything you want by just voting for him, take a few minutes to study the topic.

When is Tom Udall going to start taking care of business now so you don’t lose your business in fifteen years?

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