Do You Think Tom Udall Does Anything Without Asking His Party First?

 Posted:  June 3, 2014

One would hope that a man who makes it to the Senate would be able to vote against his party if his party were on the wrong track. One would hope that a political veteran would have enough intestinal fortitude to protect citizens of this country even if he didn’t agree with them. It is easy to protect people who agree with you. What is difficult is to stand up for the rights of your enemies and opponents.

Tom Udall doesn’t have enough advantages of incumbency. He wants more. He participated in this party project to bring grief on Tea Party devotees.

The Tea Party has been portrayed as everything it is not. It has been called racist. It has been called Far Right Wing. It has been called on the fringes. It has been called downright un-American and dangerous.

While that is not true, what if it were?

The article below shows a history of the IRS scandal which is truly pathetic. Tom Udall played a part because he is a collective group kind of guy. His group demanded his participation and he couldn’t just say “no”.

Full article here >>>.

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