Do You Trust the Government?

 Posted:  October 16, 2014

“Trust in government comes primarily from one thing – a government that is worthy of trust.”

After the last ten years in America, how could a citizen say he or she trusts the government, or trusts the representatives they send to Congress to solve problems for the common good?

As the linked article below indicates, the two latest breeches of trust involve our Secret Service and the Ebola outbreak brought here from Africa.

There are many more instances in the last ten years. We fight in Iraq at great cost, walk away, and then have to go back. We bomb Libya and now Syria to fight terrorists whom we used to train and arm in fighting other enemies of the U.S. We have seen meltdowns of the financial sector. We see thousands of children crossing Central America and entering our country with no efforts to stop them, and crazy efforts to integrate them even though they are not citizens.

There are unresolved scandals of “Fast and Furious”, “Bengazi”, “lost IRS E-mails” and “lost EPA E-mails”.

The breeches of trust just go on and on and on.

As a voter, we go to the polls and choose our representatives. Popularity of Congress and our POTUS is at an all time low.

If you have no trust in government, and how can you, why would you vote for an incumbent of any party who made votes that got us here and shows no concern about either transparency or accountability?

From our side of the issue of trust, we can only say that incumbents, including Tom Udall, have not earned our trust and do not deserve more time in the halls of power.

We are not getting anything resembling truth.

If your representatives lie to you, change the topic to what they want instead of what you want, they do not earn the right to be a representative. If you do not demand accountability, how can you be surprised when things go corrupt?

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