Do You Want Tom Udall to Keep Managing Your Budget?

 Posted:  May 26, 2014

Tom Udall is a big government, big tax, big spend progressive Democrat. He believes and votes with the idea that government can take care of all your problems, problems you don’t have, and other people’s problems that aren’t your job to fix. He has been ranked in the bottom 10% of politicians who care about protecting the taxpayer for his entire twenty year career in government. Tom Udall believes in public service – just ask him. What he doesn’t believe in is protecting us from inflation, stopping spending on projects we don’t need, or not making new government programs to do for us what we should do for ourselves.

This article points out that Tom Udall, and many Republicans too, have run up a huge credit card debt that cannot be easily paid. So, to solve the problem, they just raise the credit limit, and borrow more. Even worse than this, they print money and let the U.S. borrow it from ourselves since other countries no longer want to buy our treasury bills.

Someone ask Tom Udall why he is so eager to spend money he doesn’t have? Someone ask Tom Udall why he believes the U.S. government should spend more than it has year after year after year? Someone ask Tom Udall why the government should not shut down a few services when the wallet is empty?

Tom Udall, big spender, big time politician, big time big government cheerleader, has been running up the tab for a long time and having your kids pay for it.

Ask Tom Udall why he does this? Vote for someone else this election and send him home. Let Tom Udall buy his own things with his own credit card!!!

Full article here >>>.

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