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 Posted:  July 13, 2014

You could spend hours on the Internet just looking for pertinent articles and videos on issues that are important to you. It is made easy and convenient for you at this Website. We have collected articles and videos on issues that are most commonly talked about in political discussions. These “BATTLEGROUND ISSUES” are:

  1. Abortion
  2. Class Warfare/Middle Class
  3. Climate and Environment
  4. Constitution
  5. Crony Capitalism
  6. Economy
  7. Education
  8. Energy
  9. Family
  10. Federal Reserve
  11. Gun Control
  12. Healthcare
  13. Immigration
  14. Individualism/Collectivism
  15. Military
  16. National Debt/Deficit
  17. On the Dole
  18. Our Police State
  19. Religion
  20. States Rights
  21. Washington D.C.
  22. World Affairs

There are more issues but these are the ones you can find by going to the top menu bar and clicking on Battleground Issues which will create a drop down menu for each category.

If you click on a category, for example “HEALTHCARE”, you will get another drop down menu that has four options:

  1. Articles on Healthcare
  2. Videos on Healthcare
  3. Questions the media and you might ask Tom Udall about Healthcare
  4. Tom Udall’s position on Healthcare

The Battleground Issues part of the site is meant to give you what experts in each area are saying about topics in the area. The linked articles and videos are linked in their entirety and are provided to give you a means to evaluate where you stand on an issue and where Tom Udall stands on the same issue. Use the library as a resource in deciding your vote. Don’t give your vote away cheap this election. Make sure the person you vote for does represent you.

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