Does New Mexico Need Two Progressive Liberal Eggs in a Republican Held Basket?

 Posted:  June 6, 2014

The election year is progressing. Whether the Senate goes back to the Republicans is unknown.

Three things are certain: 1) The balance of power will be narrowed by the Republicans 2) The Republicans may take the Senate 3) Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich will both be in a less favorable position to advance New Mexico’s issues after this November election.

The question remains whether voters should stick with Tom Udall when the chances are good that even if he is re-elected, his party will lose the Senate and all his committee assignments are given to someone from the majority party. Since he was instrumental in blowing away the rights of the minority party to debate questionable nominees, he will see the time when his voice is neutered. His being in the minority party doesn’t help New Mexico.

Tom Udall brings some money back to New Mexico but Allen Weh will do the same.

The big thing Tom Udall doesn’t do is create an economy where New Mexicans can work, raise families, and create their own empires, as big or small as they want. He has never done that. His votes and attitude grow government, grow dependence on government, grow rules and regulations that stifle economic development, brutalize the taxpayer and benefit big bankers and big corporations.

New Mexico is no stranger to Republican ideas. We have a Republican Governor. We have had Republican Congressmen before. Pete Dominici stayed around in the halls of power for a long long time.

Does New Mexico need two progressive liberal Senators that vote with big EAST interests or do we need to be better represented by having at least one Senator from each party in Congress?

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