Does the State Have the Right to Teach Parents How to Raise Their Children?

 Posted:  September 1, 2014

Just how much do you trust the Federal government?

Just how much do you want the state to control curriculum?

Just how much do you want the state to know about your child (data mining)?

Just how much do you want the state to keep your children from religious concepts an d values?

Just how much do you think the state indoctrinates kids in progressive values instead of family values?

Does the state own your child or is the child a part of your family and your responsibility?

Where you fall on these questions might determine whether you vote for Tom Udall, or not. Tom Udall is a backer of state controlled education, state controlled curriculum, and state controlled testing. He favors factory schools and votes against school choice by parents, and, ironically, pro-choice on abortion.

Lots of families have opted for private schools, charter schools and home schooling and the trends continue to escalate.

Factory schools are good for turning our factory students, but where are the factories? That is another problem with Tom Udall’s priorities.

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