Does This Sound Like Things Are Improving?

 Posted:  October 9, 2014

Ask Tom Udall why 46 million Americans are getting food stamps for 35 months in a row?

If Tom Udall is doing all he is saying he is doing to create a booming economy, bring jobs to New Mexico, and get us all a free turkey for Thanksgiving (coming up), it doesn’t look like he has been very successful.

You can look at the stock market as a barometer of the U.S. health but most people don’t own stocks. They are for the rich people Tom Udall likes to malign. Someone must be helping them pretty good and Tom Udall has made the votes that help them good.

Us poor people just look at the stock market going up and use the newspaper to clean our windows.

46 million is a lot of people any way you cut the pie.

When food stamps begin to drop and the numbers go down then we know things are getting better.

Until then all this talk of a economic improvement is all hyperbole and rhetoric.

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