Does Tom Udall Really Answer a Constituent’s Question?

 Posted:  July 13, 2014

You be the judge. A constituent wrote Tom Udall a letter about minimum wage and some of his concerns about the consequences of arbitrarily hiking the minimum wage. His letter is very short, very specific, and makes concrete points about how hiking the minimum wage, however good it might make you feel, will result in little change in the situation people who earn minimum wage finds themselves.

Tom, Udall answers the constituent without ever addressing his points. His long letter is part propaganda, part self promotion, and all talking points.

You be the judge. If you wrote this letter to Tom Udall and got this response, how would you feel? Would you feel Tom Udall actually read your letter? Would you feel he just doesn’t give a damn about what you think and has already made up his mind? Would you feel he had actually thought about a side of the issue he doesn’t accept? Would you ever write him another letter?

Tom Udall knows how he will vote on every issue. The big point is that he never shows that he ever thinks independently and deeply about any question. It is all ideology, all party, all show. When you write him a letter you get a form letter in return. We don’t want form letters; we want to know that he has actually read the bill. We don’t want to have to pass a bill (ObamaCare) in the middle of the night with a lot of bought votes and have to learn later what was actually in the bill.

Tom Udall, and his staff, never read the letter and sent a form letter in reply.

You be the judge about the quality of the reply.

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