Does Tom Udall Really Know What New Mexicans Think?

 Posted:  July 15, 2014

Tom Udall always says, on his official Websites, statements to the press, news conferences, and letters in reply to constituents that he is working for all New Mexicans and he knows all about their hopes, desires, fears, goals, ambitions, and heartaches. We have always questioned this nonsense. If we look at polls in any depth it is clear that Tom Udall represents 20% of the population and cons the other 80%. This article in the Albuquerque Journal makes things come into focus.

Recently Tom Udall and his twin Martin Heinrich and the two water carriers Michelle Lujan Grisham and Ben Ray Lujan all made big noise about the fact that the Washington Redskins Football Team was actually called the ” Redskins”. They have had this name for the last seventy or eighty years and it hasn’t been a problem. However, Tom Udall decides that he is going to make it an election issue, issues lots of press statements about racism and prejudice, and pushes the idea that the team needs to change the name. This is a private business, mind you, that has spent lots of money to cultivate a logo, an image, a persona to make money. All of a sudden the U.S. Patent Office gets involved and says the team can’t use the name “Redskins” for their official name.

In the Albuquerque Journal article linked below it is reported that over seventy percent of New Mexicans don’t have a problem with the use of the name “Redskins”. New Mexico is a diverse state with a large Hispanic and Indian population. Even they don’t give a damn about the name of a football team. They probably figure that if someone doesn’t like it they can use the channel changer and just switch the channels.

If Tom Udall can misread what New Mexicans think on as small a subject as the name of a football team, how much is he misreading their feelings and thoughts about the bigger items he votes on – like ObamaCare, the IRS letter he wrote to persecute his critics, voting for the second half of the TARP Bailout?

Looking at the many many polls on it is clear that there are no huge majorities in any issue under the sun and neither political party needs to be saying they represent what the people think because Americans think a lot of things.

Tom Udall represents those who give him money, and he gets money from people you wouldn’t think would give it to him.

Tom Udall is a Washington D.C. elitist who identifies more with Washington than New Mexico. He is out of touch and out of his league.

Full article here >>>.

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