Welcomes Your E-mails

 Posted:  July 15, 2014

Across the top of this site’s navigation menu, all the way to the right, is an envelope icon. Click on this icon and you can send an E-mail to the Editor at

We are seeking submissions from New Mexico individuals and groups involved in the political process that have things to say about Tom Udall. We particularly want to hear from smaller communities in the state reporting on local issues and the impact that Federal legislation pushed by Tom Udall has on your community. We want to know if you feel he is representing you or not representing you. We want E-mails that are factual, concise and issue oriented, and helpful to us understanding the local and immediate impact of Federal actions on New Mexico citizens.

As is the case with all media, all submissions will be reviewed and those that seem most deserving will be published on this site.

When a submission is made, you give your permission that it may be published on this Website in its entirety. All material on this site is available for sharing and your submission will have a life of its own after it appears.

Serious, well thought out, and well crafted submissions will get our utmost respect and attention.

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