Donkeys and Elephants Take Money and the Donkeys Are Ahead

 Posted:  June 18, 2014

The linked article below details heavy hitters who contribute lots of money to political candidates, political Pacs, and campaigns. It doesn’t discuss billionaires on both sides of the issues. The groups on the list contribute on behalf of their members. When one wants to see who a candidate represents it is good to take a look at who is giving them money. Of note is the fact that a number of groups give to both parties.

If, on the list, you see more donkeys or elephants it means they are getting more of the political spoils.

Tom Udall is in the news a lot these days and seems proud of trying to choose who gets money and who doesn’t in a campaign. Take a look at where he gets his money:

  1. Act Blue
  2. American Federation of State, Country, and Municipal Employees
  3. Service Workers International
  4. American Federation of Teachers
  5. Teamsters
  6. Communication Workers
  7. Emily’s List
  8. AFL-CIO
  9. Post Office Employees
  10. Time Warner
  11. Retired Federal Employees
  12. National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare

We don’t see any business organizations included here. We see government employees, union employees. retired people, media organizations.

If you look at Tom Udall record you see that he, and other donkeys, love big government, love creating jobs with great pensions and benefits for government employees, love big unions that siphon money from their members to support candidates that build buildings for triple the price of a non union shop. We don’t see anyone representing small business here, or students, or people in a state like New Mexico that has few unions – except government.

Donkeys love their government.

Tom Udall knows where his money comes. If you
aren’t a government employee, or in a union, or retired, he isn’t doing much for you.

Face it, you just don’t count.

Full article here >>>.

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