Don’t Blink or You Will Miss a Post

 Posted:  July 16, 2014

See “Recent Posts” on

Down the right side of the home page is a short list of recent posts.

Those familiar with this Website realize that there are new postings each day. The postings you see usually represent one day’s activities. If you see a post one day and go to “Recent Posts” to find it again you might miss it.

However, posts don’t disappear. They come into the spotlight for a moment and then return to the center ring to let another post appear for its moment.

We pride ourselves on giving the site viewer the best information on a huge variety of interconnected topics to help he or she make the best choice of a candidate possible. We are promoting ideas more than candidates or political parties. Once you know what you want from a candidate or a political party, finding them is the next step. What makes it difficult is that candidates and parties don’t do what they say, or mean what they do. We profile Tom Udall who is a master at saying one thing and doing another.

Don’t stay away from the site too long. It is growing by the day and has videos, articles, commentary and more intended to please even the most jaded critics.

We offer a huge buffet of information for those who are looking. Check out the “Recent Posts” when you get to the site, then dive into the big Olympic Pool and do a few laps with some of our articles, videos and commentaries.

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