Don’t Send Them Back to Congress

 Posted:  May 17, 2014

There are polls everywhere. These days polls grow like weeds in your neighbors front yard.

With Tom Udall running for re-election in New Mexico, this poll should bring him concern. Only 22% of Americans, in this Gallup poll, believe that most members of Congress should be sent back to office. Other interesting parts of the poll, however, shows that most incumbents do get to return to Congress to continue the damage that got voters upset with them in the first place. Tom Udall has been around a while but that doesn’t mean he is good for New Mexico, good for the country, or good for the world. He has made lots of votes and if you study them you do see patterns. You begin to see consistencies and his ideology that motivates him. Representing New Mexico is always what Tom Udall says he is doing. A look at the facts makes many think otherwise.

This election maybe New Mexicans will study the facts and will take a hard hard look at the man they have sent to the United States Senate. There is a big difference between a U.S. Representative who represents his district and a U.S. Senator who represents the entire state.

Americans are unhappy. Maybe this time they will talk loudly at the ballot box and give new talent a chance to get up on the political stage. Tom Udall has had his chance. Let someone else represent New Mexicans, all New Mexicans.

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