Don’t Vote: It Just Encourages the Bastards!

 Posted:  August 29, 2014

This video is an interview with writer and political/societal curmudgeon P.J. O’Rourke. He is interviewed by a young woman at a conference in Houston and it is actually a very natural interview and refreshing to see him take the time to do an interview with a young person who seems a little nervous but still prepared. Some of the highlights are:

  1. Libertarians have an excess of reliance on logic and expect the political process to be

  2. Reason doesn’t explain everything.

  3. Conservatives accept the world as it is while Liberals want a different world.

  4. Politics needs to be less important in our world, not more.

  5. We need to MAKE DECISIONS about things. Our leaders are not leading because they
    are NOT making decisions. They are postponing, evading, neglecting.

  6. Failure is essential to capitalism and we all need to have the freedom to fail.

  7. In capitalism, a bad idea goes away. In politics, it stays around forever.

The video is around ten minutes and in ten minutes we get to meet a man that has things to say, says them well, and makes us think about the world in a little different way.

We think we will buy his book.

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