Don’t You Know What is Going on or do You Just Not Care?

 Posted:  August 27, 2014

The linked article below features a video by none other than Alex Jones. We admire Alex for caring enough to give voice to lots of our concerns at

We don’t buy everything that Alex Jones says, but we do see that he, and others in the country, are on the right track and aren’t buying what the bought and paid for mainstream media are selling.

Listen to this video of folks like you calling in and talking about some of the issues we would like our candidates to talk about.

When are voters going to stop being zombies, ignoring politics, ignoring the news, ignoring issues, just ignoring everything but their safe comfortable little world?

Stop being a zombie – man up/woman up&bsp;… get educated, hold politicians accountable, ask questions and find your answers.

Full article here >>>.

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