Double Talk Tom Udall on War With ISIS

 Posted:  September 14, 2014

We went to the source for some idea of where Tom Udall stands on the upcoming new undeclared war on ISIS that is not even a country or recognized country, ISIS that controls territory in Iraq and some of Syria. They are, in effect, just a big well organized group of thugs in a region of thugs.

Tom Udall provides his analysis of the situation in his typical double talk. He says everything that everyone wants to hear but he doesn’t even wait to say it in separate places to separate groups of people. It is just his generic muddied thinking that we have grown to despair of.

Tom Udall doesn’t take a position, makes statements that can certainly be challenged, but won’t.

Here are some highlights and you make up your own mind. Go to the linked article if you wish but you won’t find anything useful. Teflon Tommy just has his handlers script him an answer that both sides of an issue will like.

Tom Udall says:

“ISIS must be stopped …”

(Please explain why and how do we propose to do it after fifty years of failure and intervention in this area?)

“We have a responsibility …”

(Are you kidding us? We have a responsibility to secure our borders, keep NSA out of our communications, improve our economy, balance our books etc. You have a responsibility to stop these kind of blanket statements.)

“As long as it takes …”

(Is this why you tolerated Iraq and Afghanistan, the bombing of Libya and the projected bombing of Syria? Is this why you tolerated the surge in Iraq and supported the bringing back of troops when we knew that Iraq would fall as it has?)

“We can’t afford a rush to war …”

(I thought you just said that we have to do something?)

“I don’t support the use of ground troops …”

(How do you stop an army without fighting on the ground?)

“A failed strategy in Iraq …”

(You supported failed Bush strategy and also supported failed Obama strategy.)

“Bring this case to Congress …”

(This is your only lucid idea but we aren’t sure we trust Congress to come up with a solution to a problem that is only one of many problems we have.)

If you support Tom Udall please advise what his real position is on this issue. Reading what he says here just confuses us because we are just country folks who want to believe that what a man says is what he means.

What does Tom Udall mean here?

Full article here >>>.

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