Draw, Win or Lose One of These Men Will Try to Represent New Mexico in Congress

 Posted:  November 1, 2014

The debate, according to staff, is not likely to change many minds, but then, not many minds have to change now to change the election. The debate, which was downsized to the point of not even being findable, gave the two men a chance to talk.

The most significant point in the debate may have been the opening statements where Allen Weh contrasted his middle class roots with those of the elitist Tom Udall. Tom Udall boldly stated that this election was not about changing Washington and was about helping New Mexico.

This election is all about changing Washington, allowing new and experienced men into government service, and replacing Tom Udall’s old progressive philosophy with a new lean mean economic machine.

When asked about what he thinks about Obama’s policies, Tom Udall never answered the question, danced around the issue, muddily talked about burn pits and being for 100% of New Mexico. At one point in the debate, he forgot about the fact that he is responsible for spending billions and billions of your money in lots of unwanted wars, lots of unneeded programs, and lots and lots of government waste.

Tom Udall talked about supporting the oil and gas industry in New Mexico which was laughable. He talked about creating jobs in New Mexico which is even more laughable. He spoke of being for Vets when he ignored their complaints long before the VA scandal exploded.

The debate gave both men a chance to make contact with the voters. While it is clear that most people who found the debate have probably already made up their mind, it was another chance for us to look at the disconnect between what Tom Udall says and what he does.

This gap between truth and reality just keeps growing and growing and growing.

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