Elizabeth Warren Does it Again on Abortion: Tom Udall is Right Behind Her

 Posted:  July 2, 2014

The Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby, a private business that provides healthcare for its employees. Hobby Lobby had issues with 4 of the 20 mandates of ObamaCare for birth control methods. Hobby Lobby said that 4 of the drugs they were being forced to put in coverage for their employees were abortion drugs and violated their religious convictions. The Supreme Court, by a surprisingly narrow margin (5 to 4) agreed. Hobby Lobby will cover its female employees and all employees but will not be forced to cover the drugs they found objectionable.

Elizabeth Warren didn’t like the decision and tweeted that the decision was “rather scary”, “would limit access to basic care for women”, and was based on “vague moral objections”.

Somehow, her objections are even more scary than the decision. When did abortion become “basic health care”? When did religious conviction become just “vague moral objections”?

Elizabeth Warren is the latest liberal politician du jour. Her pronouncements are followed and she is mentioned as a potential candidate for President of the United States. Tom Udall, who avoids speaking on this issue, as well as many more, will eventually come out with a vague statement straddling the fence. He will say he is for religious rights being respected but is also for women having a right to control their bodies. He will say that the decision is unfortunate but Congress and the President can find a way to work around it. He will say that Americans need healthcare providing by the government and that business needs to pay for services they don’t need and services that should be provided by those insured.

Just watch, it will be a generic response you get from Tom Udall. However, more than likely, this close to an election, we won’t get a statement at all. It is an election year and you don’t want to bring up ObamaCare since you voted for it and it makes voters mad.

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