Email – Gate!

 Posted:  June 21, 2014

We are used to incompetence in government. We also know how the IRS treats citizens who have problems with their paperwork. Anyone who has had an audit knows how hostile, arrogant, and demanding the IRS can be when you are late to your appointment or don’t cross your t’s.

We also know about the IRS harassment of political groups going through normal channels to get a 501c classification that means they don’t have to pay taxes on money given to them or earned by them as they pursue their group goals. Tom Udall knows a lot about this because he was one of the Democratic Senators who sent a letter to the IRS urging them to investigate Tea Party groups. The Albuquerque Tea Party was one of the groups and has lots to say about the problems they had from the IRS.

In case you don’t realize it, Richard Nixon was impeached for using the IRS to target political enemies. This is serious stuff in a country that prides itself on “freedom of speech”.

We had the head of the IRS, involved in the middle of this scandal, retire early and refuse to testify to Congress about the affair – invoking the fifth amendment. Now, we have the IRS losing e mails from Ms. Lerner to other government agencies and from them back to her.

How convenient and how truly baffling. How in the world can we trust a government that has the ability to spy on all of us, but somehow says they have lost e mails? It is our guess that the records are in some NSA data bank and they show that the White House was intimately involved in this affair.

What happens why they lose your medical records?

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