Ethanol Destroys the Environment …

 Posted:  July 8, 2014

… Tom Udall supports ethanol. Does that make him anti-environment?

The Forbes article is about a year old but ethanol gas is still sold down at the corner Circle K.

As the article aptly states, the Associated Press, slow to wake up, published a report on the environmental disasters of ethanol. The short but to the point report lists the ways that the federal government propped up ethanol with massive federal subsidies, hid the facts that ethanol was damaging the environment, and continued to reward their crony environmental companies with taxpayer dollars – all the while trumpeting alternative fuels and the need to get off fossil fuels. Tom Udall, Mr. Alternative Energy, voted to promote these subsidies until later in his career when he decided that maybe ethanol was not all it was cracked up to be.

If Tom Udall wants to help the environment and show he really is against crony capitalism and using the taxpayer dollars to support failed business ideas, especially in the energy and environment sectors, maybe he can get ethanol out of the pumps in New Mexico?

When was the last time the Federal government got it right on energy? It makes you worry about Healthcare, doesn’t it?

Full article here >>>.

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