Even Drones, in the Right Hands, Can be Good

 Posted:  July 9, 2014

This video was submitted by a fan of DoesTomUdallRepresentYou.com.

In the midst of weighty philosophy, political posturing and votes, trying to decide life and death issues emanating from Washington D.C. and rippling across the country like a little girl’s set of jacks on steroids, it is good to take time to see.

This footage was taken on a little island near Thailand and is a reminder that all technology has beautiful as well as evil uses – all depending on the mindset of the person using it.

Enjoy and take a little aerial voyage aboard an un-manned un-weaponized drone.

The children, who will inherit this world, need to be protected, nurtured, and allowed to be the individuals they were meant to be not just monotonous cogs in societies great overbearing wheel.

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