Even Liberals Hate the New Dark Ages

 Posted:  May 23, 2014

The points in this article are well taken. They are especially important because they come from a Democrat who writes columns, appears on Fox News to combat the more “conservative” voices, and espouses virtually all of the Democratic parties talking points. She is firmly within the traditions of the most liberal wing of the Democratic Party and more than likely has attended a Tom Udall fundraiser in Washington D.C. as Tom Udall raises outside money to combat pesky challengers in rural New Mexico, behind the times New Mexico, take all the Federal money and services you can get New Mexico, run off business and business development New Mexico. The Land of Enchantment is a good place to live, hike, enjoy your retirement. It is a more difficult place to raise a family, find a job, and create a future.

Whistle blowers are always important. Like canaries in the mine they warn of potential dangers that less sensitive commentators fail to miss.

Kirsten Powers sees all the things we see as opponents of Tom Udall. We see a time of dwindling liberties, a burgeoning political correctness that stops dissent by calling it “obstructionist” or “racist”. Tom Udall has used these words before and is all to willing to stifle dissent and fair discussion of issues. It is his parties way or the highway with Tom Udall.

When we find liberal commentators voicing our concerns, it is particularly heartening.

The Dark Ages are upon us, if I can say it this way without being called racist. Big Brother is alive and well and George Orwell was way ahead of his time in forecasting what we are seeing now.

First they tell others what they can say and do; then they tell you what you can say or do.

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