Everyone Gets Replaced But Tom Udall

 Posted:  November 5, 2014

New Mexico is a strange state. It wants to remain aloof, behind the times, dependent on the Federal government, full of excuses about its own poverty and its own unwillingness to change its ways. In this election, the entire country stood up and voiced their opinion that things needed to change. It was a vote for a change of policies. The country wanted to do something about jobs, about the economy, about the future.

In New Mexico, we put a man back in Congress for six years who has not done anything the last fifteen years but pass big government, non-free enterprise legislation. He has fought right to work and has championed all things that make it more expensive for NM business to hire and wages to rise naturally through market forces. He has championed partisan politics and voted with Obama over 90% of the time and not criticized his over-reach. Tom Udall has sent the IRS on political opponents like an attack dog, and has allowed Harry Reid to ignore legislation that has come to the Senate from a Republican House.

We are not sanguine about the Republicans doing much, but changes have to be made. While this isn’t a mandate, it is a note from the voters that they are tired of all this progressive thought.

New Mexico, now represented by a minority party in Congress, will have difficulties getting much of the things it needs. Tom Udall pushed for filibuster reform and the nonsensical campaign reform amendment. He pushes for environmental issues when that is only an issue 1% of Americans seriously care about. Instead of looking at the big picture New Mexico has sent the blue party back to Washington to represent us and the blue party is going to be sitting on the bench a lot. Tom Udall doesn’t play well with the Republicans and will be ineffective.

So, we we wrap this Website up and thank those who have visited it. We still remain independent and not a cheerleader for either party. We didn’t choose the candidates. We just tried to evaluate Tom Udall on his record.

New Mexico is a strange state but we live here. It is our home. Tom Udall might have got 55% of the vote but that means 45% of us do not support him, or his philosophy. He won’t change, but we are hoping that New Mexico changes enough to replace Martin Heinrich with a more traditional, conservative, free-enterprise candidate who is young, articulate, and able to move us in today’s world in New Mexico.

Thanks to the staff of this Website and it has been a pleasure to be part of the political process where everyone has a say and the internet makes that say possible.

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