Facts About Tom Udall

Tom Udall has been in Congress almost twenty years. During that time America has tripled the National Debt, gone through numerous financial meltdowns, bailed out Wall Street, raised unemployment to record levels ,and seen 50 million people go onto food stamps. If you ask him, he has done all he can to help the middle class, fight income inequality, and poverty. A look at his record suggests he has done all he can to grow government, help big bankers and big business, redistribute your wealth, and control American resources. New Mexico remains a government dependent state with an anti business attitude, a needy dwindling population with more New Mexicans leaving the state than coming, and a real need for innovation. After twenty years on the National stage it seems that Tom Udall is ready for retirement and someone new would suit the state better. We do not need more government; we need more local choice. We do not need more government; we need more freedom. We do not need more government; we need more true capitalism where you build your dream and get to keep what you build.

Tom Udall is an elitist, statist, Socialist/Marxist, and collectivist. He advances the political traditions and goals of his family, not the interests of New Mexico or the United States.

Below are a number of known and documented facts about Tom Udall.

He’s a Member of the Washington Elite:

  1. Member political family
  2. Career politician
  3. Washington insider
  4. Attended private schools,studied abroad (Cambridge University in England, home of Fabian Socialism)
  5. Lawyer
  6. Multi-millionaire
  7. In Congress twenty years
  8. No adult business experience outside government and law
  9. Has held no New Mexico town halls while in the Senate

He’s Partisan:

  1. Most liberal Senator in 2014
  2. Has voted the party line 95% of time in career
  3. Votes most often with Senator Schumer of New York and Senator Reid of Nevada
  4. Member in House of Progressive Caucus
  5. More half of campaign funds come from Democratic National Party and out of state contributors
  6. Wrote letter urging IRS crackdown on political opponents
  7. Calls members of opposition “obstructionists”
  8. Public/private unions participating in campaigns is fine; business should not have a voice
  9. Closed offices during potential government shutdown and condemned opposition party for being concerned about fiscal deficits
  10. Brings citizens from Santa Fe to influence hearings on the wilderness area in Las Cruces
  11. Supports and is supported by Socialist organizations (Council for a Livable World, 21st Century Democrats, Progressive Caucus, Democratic Socialists of America)

He Votes Big Government/Big Business/Big Taxes/Bad Economy/Police State:

  1. Voted “yes” for No Child Left Behind
  2. Voted “yes” to Release Tarp funds
  3. Voted “yes” to Homeland Security, TSA, NSA, Police State Bills
  4. Voted “yes” on Dodd Frank which allows big banks to get bigger, hurting local banks
  5. Voted “yes” on ObamaCare which takes away your Doctor, your coverage and your plan
  6. Voted “yes” on new Federal Reserve chair whose policies benefit the rich and hurt the middle class
  7. Voted for the Budget Bill of 2014 which cuts Vet’s benefits
  8. Votes against school choice
  9. Votes for U.N. to take control of guns in the U.S.
  10. Votes national energy requirements and expanded EPA activities

He Practices Identity Politics:

  1. Supported by lawyers, voters for lawyers
  2. Supported by public/private unions, votes for public private unions
  3. Supported by Wall Street and Big Bankers, votes for Wall Street and Big Bankers
  4. Supported by Pro-Choice Abortion groups, votes for Pro-Choice Abortion groups
  5. Supported by Gun Control groups, votes for Gun Control legislation
  6. Supported by Teacher’s Unions, votes for No Child Left Behind, votes against parent choice, promotes Common Core
  7. Supported by Environmentalists, votes against fossil fuels important to NM, votes to take NM lands away from New Mexicans and give to Federal Government
  8. Supported by alternative energy sources, votes against Keystone, promotes National Standards for electric generation from alternative sources
  9. Supported by Casinos, votes for Casinos
  10. Supported by media, votes for media
  11. Supported by women and minorities, votes for affirmative action, preferential hiring, vast social services paid for by taxpayers, citizenship for undocumented immigrants
  12. Supported by government employees, votes to expand government everywhere