Farm Bill of 2014 Continues Subsidies and Trims Food Stamps

 Posted:  June 14, 2014

It is rather odd that Tom Udall would crow about the benefits of a farm bill that continues federal government subsidies to farmers, but cuts food stamps to the poor. In fact, the real winners in this legislation are private insurance companies that sell crop insurance to farmers and that insurance is backed by the Federal government so risks to the insurance companies is small. If that is not helping big business we don’t know what is.

The bulk of this bills spending concerns itself with $100 billion a year in food stamps to the poor, a program that aids 1 in 7 Americans at this moment.

Tom Udall voted for the bill and is busy selling it as helping farmers in New Mexico. From reading the fine print, the bill mostly helps farmers in the Midwest, states needed by Obama to keep his political ship sailing. Any help to New Mexico farmers is small and minimal. There seems to be no questioning about why we are subsidizing farmers in the first place when, in my travels around the world, it is farmers who are spending the winter on Costa Rican beaches.

The Farm Bill of 2014 is just the kind of bill Tom Udall likes. This was a bi-partisan free for all where you reward special interest groups with money and perks and hope they remember in the next election.

Food stamps might be salvation for many Americans but I only see them being sold for fifty cents on the dollar at the local McDonalds black market. Overall, it seems they are mostly benefiting stores that raise their prices on items bought by food stamp customers who don’t have cars or a way to get to less expensive groceries outside the inner cities.

Tom Udall speaks out for food stamps at every turn and was disappointed at the cuts to the current program. Any time he can spend money he jumps at the opportunity. It doesn’t seem like the kind of bill a politician would want to run his campaign on, with all its flaws and disappointments. Tom Udall, however, doesn’t have much he can run on. The economy sucks. ObamaCare is floundering and very expensive. Looks like Iraq is going to collapse after we spent years of money and bloodshed over there. The police state is growing stronger every moment and New Mexico continues its position as not the state of New Mexico but the Northern State of Mexico.

Thanks Tom Udall. You are doing a real bang up job in Washington.

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