FDA Food Safety and Modernization Act

Nothing defines members of congress more accurately than how they vote on key issues. Far more often than not, you’ll find Tom Udall’s votes on the “wrong” side of important bills! Reference supporting article links below.

What This Bill Does:

This bill creates requirements for every aspect of growing, harvesting fruits, vegetables, and nuts. It requires businesses that pick, store, process foods to follow a new series of Federal regulations before they can sell their products. It creates an enlarged Federal presence in food industries whereby all growers are subject to the same rules and regs regardless of their ability to pay, the crops they grow, and their importance to their communities.

What Vote Aids Middle America: “No”

A “No” vote gives local communities a chance to raise their own food, regulate through existing local laws the quality of food sold in their communities. Creating federal regulations that require small farmers to raise food in a certain way impacts them negatively. This law hurts small farmers, organic farmers, and farmers who raise products for health conscious consumers. Under this law some products people want, like raw milk, can not be sold.

What Tom Udall Voted: “Yes”

Tom Udall continues his desire for central control. He wants to bring all food production under Federal control much as he wants energy production, water, electricity, education and healthcare to be dominated by Federal rules, regulations which increase expense and not necessarily any safety advantages. This bill was fiercely fought and benefits large agribusiness, environmentalists, and corporations. Tom Udall took a lot of money for his vote. In a small rural state like New Mexico, this bill presents challenges to local farmers, local consumers, and local businesses. Most bills passed in Congress have nice sounding names, but it is in the details that the devil is found.