Federal Reserve Policies Hurt Seniors

 Posted:  August 1, 2014

The linked article describes how Fed policies hurt Seniors who are trying to live on a lifetime of money saved and interest paid on their CD’s.

In the course of the interview she says that “impoverishing savers serves the collective good of society.”

The Fed Chair believes that printing lots of money and circulating it in the economy will restore balance to the economy. She is a Keynesian devotee and believes the Fed can plan the economy. As a result of her policies, we see money flowing into the stock market and Seniors making nothing on their CD’s. We see inflation rising and the National Debt going through the roof.

There is plenty said on the Federal Reserve on this Website – check Federal Reserve Battleground Issues for lots of articles, videos, and commentary.

Tom Udall believes in the Federal Reserve because it behooves him to have plenty of money to spend on goodies for his supporters.

When you look at the pathetic interest you get on your savings, you have no one else to blame but Tom Udall who supports the Fed. You might think he is strong on Social Security. What he is really strong on is big government, big benefits, big money, and big power.

Full article here >>>.

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