Feminism Versus Truth

 Posted:  October 6, 2014

The video in the linked article below was made by a woman professional who crunches numbers, does research, and combats the ideas commonly presented in the media as truth when talking about “women”.

There is a very prescient line in the video that says “women are actually better treated than men”.

We had to listen to the video twice at one of our meetings, mostly because we haven’t heard this truth spoken in a while. There are plenty of stats around to document that being a male in this society, and a white male on top of that, is not a healthy position.

This video makes it clear that there is NOT a gender wage gap in America and women in America are treated better than almost anywhere else in the world.

Tom Udall and Elizabeth Warren are selling the “women as victims” ideas: “women need to be protected”, “women need advocates” and “women need big government programs”.

Since women are a majority in this country, we are wondering where someone will start a new cabinet level czar in charge of “mens’ affairs”?

If he could get us tickets to the Super Bowl that would rectify a lot of the wrongs in our contemporary America.

Full article here >>>.

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