Ferguson, Missouri and the Future of the U.S.

 Posted:  August 22, 2014

The linked article and featured videos below give an alternative picture of the events happening in St. Louis.

Many of the conclusions reached by the writer of this piece have also been reached by other independent news reporters and alternative as well as mainstream sources. For those who have been following the development of the Police State, none of this is surprising. For those in Albuquerque, we have a long string of police shootings to deal with and still no answers.

The bottom line is that across the country people have been killed by police departments and police have been militarized to the point that the U.S. streets have become a battleground.

This event was triggered when a young man was killed by a police officer. Contradictory facts have come out in the media. There have been reports the victim had stolen cigars from a local shop before this shooting happened. There have been witnesses who indicate the victim charged the police officer and other witnesses who indicate the victim held his hands in the air. These things will be solved in court.

The other events concern the police dealing with reporters and media who are covering the scene.

There is no question that authorities want to kill all coverage of the event and want the situation to go away and have given orders to punish the media.

The linked article and videos give a very personal perspective on the events in St. Louis which will continue to happen across the U.S. Some of you believe the police are without fault. Others believe the victim deserved what he got. Others believe the press are paparazzi and need to be kept from covering the news. Others believe if the victim would have stayed home he wouldn’t have been shot. Others believe that police have a tough job and if they don’t take down some of these thugs law and order will break down.

Well, law and order are breaking down and communities and police need to re-think what they are about. Citizens need to question how much of a totalitarian force they want their local police to be? Do we want everyone to shut up and accept the “official statement” or do we want to be able to see what is happening to us in our own communities?

This is a long way from being out of the news and it matters little that the victim was black and the police officer was white.

There is fault on all sides, plenty to go around.

Until then, hold on to your shorts, and watch the two great evils of our time (Central Banks and the State) take over.

What is sad is that we have millions of people trapped in urban cities with no where to go, nothing to do, no jobs to go to, and not enough money to live on.

What is sad is that we have police forces given the mandate to maintain order in an orderless setting with people whose lives are anything but orderly.

Ferguson is not even the first case of riots and violence in the U.S. and it won’t be the last.

Politicians need to figure out that the economy needs to be fixed for all without spending more money. What people need is hope, a real opportunity to make their lives mean something, and we need to deal with the drug and thug mentality that has infected a generation that will outlive those of us in our fifties.

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