Five Top Democrat Lies About Women

 Posted:  September 9, 2014

The linked article is written by a woman so we are safe in posting it – everyone knows that men don’t know a damn thing about women.

What do women really want is the first question of the piece and there are five subsequent areas that are discussed. Democrats, who do get more women voters than Republicans, might think they OWN the women’s vote, but we still feel, at, that common sense is owned by both sexes and women are quite capable of transcending the political season lies and distractions offered by both parties.

The areas of discussion are:

  1. Women want amnesty?
  2. Women want free birth control and abortion?
  3. Women want workplace equality and pay?
  4. Women don’t want you to stand strong on the debt ceiling and the government shutdown?
  5. Women want you to accept Islam is a “religion of peace”.

The piece is short but offers a different narrative than one finds in the mainstream corrupted media.

Common sense will be all a voter can fall back onto this season.

Women, like men, are still capable of making up their own minds on things. Women have concerns a lot bigger than these five areas, thank goodness.

Full article here >>>.

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