Five Voter Fraud Myths and Facts

 Posted:  October 15, 2014

Every election there are charges and counter-charges about voter fraud in elections. The linked article below discusses and gives examples of actual events in U.S. elections.

  1. Myth: President Obama won re-election because of voter fraud.

  2. Fact: Voter Fraud has altered the outcome of elections.

  3. Myth: Paper ballots are safer than machine tabulation.

  4. Fact: Eric Holder’s justice dept. facilitates voter fraud.

  5. Myth: Electing Republicans will end voter fraud.

None of this article discusses real New Mexico issues such as voter I.D. such as requiring voters to present a photo identification at the voting booth. None of this article deals with the un-purged voting rolls that have long deceased voters listed as alive. None of this article deals with illegal immigrants voting in elections using driver licenses as proof of citizenship.

There are all kinds of voting issues that states must tackle.

At the bottom line, it must be said that it concerns us more that fewer and fewer people are voting.

Elections should be open to all who are qualified.

Voter fraud does happen and must be controlled.

Full article here >>>.

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