Food Stamps Get More and More Curious in New Mexico

 Posted:  August 10, 2014

The linked article below discusses the push by Governor Susana Martinez to return to requiring at least some food stamp recipients to do work or community service to continue to get their food stamps.

There are currently 420,000 New Mexicans getting food stamps and their average return is $265.00 per month. Surprisingly, all it takes to get food stamps is proof of income. Currently, you qualify if you are an individual who makes up to $1580.00 per month. A family of four can make up to $3239.00 per month. Cars you own, property you own don’t figure in. It is all based on income.

The work requirement to get food stamps was waived in the last recession and was never intended to be eliminated.

The first recipients of food stamps to be affected by this rule will be childless adults, approximately 26,000 of them.

Off the cuff, it seems odd to reward those who have kids who can’t afford them. It seems that food stamps should be for the impoverished and the fact that a single adult earning $1580.00 a month can get food stamps is not encouraging. If you make $3239.00 per month in New Mexico you should be able to raise four kids regardless of circumstances.

It is apparent that food stamps, however necessary for some, are not needed by many who are getting them. When you observe the black market in the stamps you have to recoil.

Tom Udall talks a lot about food stamps and recently voted for a farm bill that cut food stamps to the poor.

Our concern is that the truly needy are not getting enough and those who have income are not needing to get quite so much. We don’t begrudge the fact that economic times are still grim. Food stamps are not the issue.

The issue is a lousy economy created by a combination of bad circumstances and bad political policies coming out of Washington D.C. The issue is a lack of business development in New Mexico, a broadening of the tax base, a lack of pro business attitudes and incentives that put people to work and let them pay their own way.

Tom Udall ain’t no business fan but he is a food stamp man.

Tom Udall never met a government office he didn’t want to staff with taxpayer money. He never met a multinational corporation that didn’t like the bills he voted for that let them do as they wish. Tom Udall never met a Wall Street fund that didn’t contribute to his campaign and big banks just keep on getting bigger because of his love for Dodd Frank. There is plenty of room for Central Americans to come into our back door and sleep on our couches. Tom Udall is an open borders, free for all kind of guy.

Food stamps aren’t much of a problem. They are mostly a symptom of a much bigger problem.

Maybe Susana will prevail. More than likely, requiring people to do something for the things others give them is too fashioned an idea for New Mexicans.

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