For Women by a Woman: Reflections on the Modern College Campus

 Posted:  October 5, 2014

The linked short essay below is a reflection on college campuses for women these days. It dwells on the sexual violence there and what to do about it. It dwells about the differences in tackling the phenomenon between those who call themselves liberal and those who call themselves conservative.

Liberals proceed from the basic assumption that all problems in human life come from an unjust society and if you fix that, utopia will ensue. Conservatives believe in a flawed human nature where good and evil fight each day and the best we can hope for is to win more than we lose.

While modern progressives try to tinker with creating all kinds of laws, rules, safety mechanisms, boards and group think classes to train people how to think about things, the real sexual violence continues.

While Conservatives try to capture and incarcerate the miscreants, you can’t do too much until a crime happens. You can watch, protect, offer help if women ask for it, but these kind of crimes come with human nature.

For the author, for now, women need to take personal responsibility for themselves, need to learn vigilance and personal self defense, and need to know that the world has never been a safe place for anyone.

Politicians can stand up and assure you that they can make the world a safer place for you, make your family work better, get you more money and goodies that you didn’t earn, get you wages that are supposedly less than you should make. Politicians get elected by saying such things.

If they could deliver them, it might make sense to vote for them.

Since they can only give you something by taking something equally as valuable from someone else, it is probably good to run from them.

While we are waiting for all this to work out, it is best that women take care of themselves, which is something we should all do better.

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