Four Liberal Justices Vote Against Your Freedoms

 Posted:  July 3, 2014

One more liberal justice on the supreme court and you lose your freedoms.

The sad thing about the recent Supreme Court ruling on Hobby Lobby is that four Supreme Court Justices voted against the Constitution. That is not really too amazing because they were appointed by Presidents who didn’t believe in the Constitution.

At this juncture, the country is one justice away from losing our traditional freedoms and the keys to your lives being given to the government.

When you vote for Tom Udall you are going to get the liberal justice that takes away Constitutional freedoms we have lived with hundreds of years. When you lose them there will be plenty of time for talking about the good old days in front of fireplaces, the days when citizens could actually say what they wanted, go where they wanted, keep what they earned, and not be afraid of spying and the IRS auditing their records.

Bill O’Reilly covers this development (see link below) in one of his talking points memos. Once again, he makes good points.

Full article here >>>.

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