Franken/Udall Victory 2014 Fund: The Ultimate Tom Udall Hypocrisy

 Posted:  June 27, 2014

Tom Udall has headline after headline about the bad Supreme Court Ruling that lets wealthy donors give lots of money to political campaigns. He has also proposed a nonsense Constitutional Amendment to change the Constitution and let Congress and states determine who can give money to politicians. That proposal has been called by critics “The Incumbent Protection Amendment”.

Thus, it is with supreme irony that we learned of the new Franken/Udall Victory 2014 Fund. This is joint partnership between Tom Udall, Al Franken, the Minnesota DFL party and the Democratic Party of New Mexico to raise money for this election cycle. This Victory Fund lets wealthy donors write one big check and then all the participants in the Fund can distribute the money to all of them. It is one stop shopping for wealthy donors who now get to buy everyone at the same time.

Somehow, it seems hypocritical to complain about a Supreme Court Ruling and then use it to raise money.

Tom Udall will say it is all legal and that he needs the money from out of state people to crush competition in New Mexico. He will say that the Republicans are doing it too.

We, at, just say that it is vintage Tom Udall.

Say one thing – do Another thing Tom Udall.

It never changes. It just gets dirtier and dirtier.

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