Fraud and Government Are Bosom Buddies

 Posted:  August 19, 2014

One of the reasons government is so expensive is that there is government fraud in most every program the government creates, pays for, and then walks away from with no accountability.

We know healthy Americans drawing unemployment compensation that seem to be found lifting weights at the local health club.

We know food stamp recipients who sell the stamps for fifty cents on the dollar.

We know business people that pad their expense accounts.

We know that construction workers take subsidized housing and work full time for cash.

We know that Doctors charge for procedures they have only a limited, if any, responsibility for.

We know that prescription medicines vary in price from pharmacy to pharmacy and your drug plan will be billed what people think they can get.

We know teachers teach to the test and students get someone else to write papers for them.

There is fraud everywhere. The linked article below talks about some of the healthcare fraud that contributes to increased cost to us all.

Politicians like to assure us that fraud is minimal but we figure that when government is as big and inaccessible as it is, fraud is a way of life.

Whether you are getting paid not to plant crops, or subsidized for the crops you grow, big government is all too willing to throw good money after bad. When it is your money, one tends to get upset.

Where is the accountability, we ask? Who is looking at the books? Where is all the money going? Why do we have to keep raising taxes and borrowing to pay for programs we don’t need?

Where, we ask, does it all end?

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