Gasoline With E-15 Could Cause Car Damage

 Posted:  August 25, 2014

Ethanol continues to cause more problems than it solves.

The linked article below came to us from Rita. Ethanol, a gasoline additive that converts corn into fuel, has done some bad things to the world. Farmers, who like money as much as the next guy, have plowed up thousands of acres of prairie in corn growing states to make more money. Ethanol, which uses corn, has caused food shortages in the Middle East and caused the Arab Spring there. Recent re-evaluations of ethanol, considering the cost of fertilizers and water needed to raise the corn, and the fuel needed to harvest, refine and ship it, indicate it is doing damage to the environment in leaps and bounds.

This linked article foretells other problems with ethanol. E-15, which is a higher blend of ethanol and gasoline, has been rolled out in a handful of states and is generating warnings from AAA that says this blend could severely harm many of the vehicles on the road today.

Out of the 240 million vehicles on the roads, only 12 million have manufacturer warranties that cover the use of E-15. Older cars, before 2001, will be particularly in danger from the blend.

If you have a car older than 2001 it might be good to call your insurance agent to see if you are covered.

If you are a voter in November, it might be good to think about voting again for Tom Udall who gets 100% ratings from the Ethanol Industry, gets money from Archer Daniels Midland who makes 40% of the ethanol in the U.S., and says he is an environmentalist who has supported the anti-environment industry from the beginnings.

Full article here >>>.

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