Generalities Always Make Tom Udall Sound Good

 Posted:  July 13, 2014

In the article linked below from a progressive blog we disregard comments about Teabaggers and partisan obstructionists on the right. We look at some of the tripe that Tom Udall peddles in his efforts to gin up comprehensive immigration reform. If, as he says, it was a good thing for America to do, we would have, long ago, made all those who entered the U.S. illegally official citizens. However, there is a long standing and boisterous debate about the immigration question. It is clear in Tom Udall’s mind that people from other countries who come here illegally should be made citizens just because they want to and it is the “right” thing to do.

“Everyone deserves respect and a shot at the American dream …”

(Since when?)

“Partisan obstructionism in the House of Representatives as Republicans refuse to take action …”

(They don’t take action because the people that voted for them don’t agree with your position. They represent their districts. Who do you represent?)

“America is a nation of immigrants. Our current immigration system doesn’t reflect those values …”

(People from all over the world apply to be American citizens and are naturalized each year. Few developed or undeveloped countries in the world just give citizenship to foreign entrants because it happened in their past history. We, as Americans, cannot just go into any country in the world and receive citizenship. If all countries in the world control their borders there must be a valid reason.)

“I support comprehensive immigration reform because it is good for the economy, good for families, and the right thing to do …”

(It is not good for the economy, not good for families, and not the right thing to do.)

We have a legal immigration system that works. What we don’t have are secure borders and control of who enters the country, what they do when they are here, and how much they stress communities who are already stressed because of problems of citizens who have always lived here.

When Tom Udall says it is good for the economy to do comprehensive immigration reform is he just talking about the immigration lawyers fees who have to process everyone? Prove it Tom? There are plenty of articles on this website by experts who dispute this generality. How is it good for families to continue to let people continue to enter the country not speaking the language, not having education? How is it the right thing to reward people who have broken the law? As Attorney General of the State of New Mexico, weren’t you supposed to enforce the laws?

Once again, Tom Udall gives you something that sounds good, but it sure tastes like stale crackers.

Full article here >>>.

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